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2025 Electric Bike Black Cat

Wild Viper XXL
City Cat
Road cat
strong cat
Sand Viper
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20inch folding electric trike from Hijoebikes

2024 electric bike with torque sensor,name Road Cat from hijoebikes factory

solar panels charge 48V40ah lithium battery electric cargo trike from hijoebikes

Silverback 48v750W ebike from Hijoebikes

2023 Hijoebikes Bafang 1000W Electric Bike - King Viper

16" electric balance bikes for 2023

Joey rides 14inch E-scooter Rocky, 500W power, 40kmph speed. #bikes #scooters #electricscooters #fun

Hijoebike Adult Mini Electric scooter Rocky, #scooters #cycles #electricscooter #electricbikes #bike

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